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GL 39th and Phillips Fitness Classes

Want to take up a new class with a friend? Or maximize your workout with a personal trainer?

With so many programs available to our members, you’ll find at least one to help you meet your fitness goals, or just have fun.

Have fun and get in shape in a group setting. All classes are included with a membership and can be adjusted for all fitness levels.

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Group Fitness Classes

Zumba (60 min)

High Energy Motivation
This class combines different music styles for a fun and effective workout that includes dance and aerobic elements. Move naturally to the beat of the music and enjoy feeling good!

Circuit (60 min)

Burn Calories and Build Tone
This class includes it all! Focus on strengthening/sculpting and cardiovascular exercises to achieve solid muscle toning and a maximum calorie burn.

Power Cycling (45 or 60 min)

Power Up Your Ride
A challenging group cycling class for those who want to push their ride to the next level. Class uses our LeMond indoor cycling bikes.

HardCORE (30 min)

Strengthen Your Core
An intense challenging Core workout designed to strengthen, shape, and define your middle! Great for back and hips as well. Classes use mats and Fit balls.

Boot Camp (45 or 60 min)

Intensity and Competition
A high intensity class that may use jump ropes, ropes, kettlebells, ladder drills to keep you moving and motivated. Burn between 400-600 calories.

Yoga (60 min)

For The Mind and Body
A mind-body class targeting inner muscular strength, flexibility, mental focus and relaxation. Great to relieve stress while bringing balance to your mind and body.

Body Sculpt (60 min)

Step, Cycle and Strengthen
An aerobics class combining step, cycling and strength training. Tone, strengthen and boost your cardio workout in this high energy class.

B.L.T. - Buns, Legs, Thighs (30 min)

Buns, Legs, and Thighs
A challenging workout that focuses on strengthening the muscles of your lower body. Feel the burn in your glutes and legs!

Power Prowler (30 or 45 min)

Outdoor Training
Be ready to get your hands dirty in this fun outdoor class! This power class involves prowler pushes, tire flips, sledgehammers, farmer's carry, warrior rope and more! A great workout you won't want to miss.

HIIT – High Intensity Interval Training (30-45 min)

Burn the Fat
One of the best ways to burn fat in the shortest amount of exercise time. A great class to burn calories, lose weight, build lean muscle and improve cardio health. A fast paced class that includes a variety of exercises.

It's not just a workout, it's a lifestyle.

At GreatLIFE at 39th & Phillips, we help you become your personal best through exercise, nutrition and weight management.

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