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Looking for new and exciting ways to work up a sweat? Our fitness center, GreatLIFE at 39th & Phillips in Sioux Falls offers a wide variety of extraordinary programs including its own GreatFIT Challenge program, a 6-week body transformation program, and a full slate of group fitness classes.

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Professional instructors assess your fitness level, prescribe a plan for progress, measure your results and provide encouragement every step of the way. Our general fitness programs will enrich your life.


This six-week program is designed to jumpstart your success and educate you on the fundamentals of fitness. GreatFIT is a great way to get started or push through a workout plateau.


QuickFIT is one of the best ways to burn fat in the shortest amount of time. HIIT also helps in losing weight, burning calories, building lean muscle and improving cardio health through a variety of exercises.

GreatLIFE at 39th & Phillips Fitness Trainers


Mallory Wencil

Personal Trainer

Austin Farnham

Personal Trainer
Phil Brinks - Personal Trainer

Phil Brinks

Personal Trainer
Jason Stachlberg - Personal Trainer

Jason Stahlberg

Personal Trainer
Jeremy Classen - Personal Trainer

Jeremy Klaassen

Personal Trainer

Are you ready to get fit?

GreatLIFE at 39th & Phillips fitness trainers have more than 30 years of fitness and personal training experience.

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